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Group of Jian Tian

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Group Overview

Prof. Tian Jian's Group is within the Department of Inorganic nonmetal Materials Engineering, School of material science and engineering, Hubei University. The main research topics are preparation of inorganic nonmetallic materials, new radiation-resistant cementitious materials, silicate process and engineering, rocks and ores materials, recycling industrial solid wastes and so on.

Potential candidates of Master degree, Ph. D. degree, who are interested in Inorganic nonmetal Materials, chemical engineering, are warmly welcome to join the group.


Prof.Tian Jian

Professor and doctoral supervisor, Tianshu research team leader, the Ministry of Education graduate education experts, Hubei Water Conservancy Commission experts, Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Agency review experts, the national assessment of energy-saving emission reduction division.

Education Background:

Ph. D., China University of Geosciences(Wuhan), 2006

MSc, China University of Geosciences(Wuhan), 2002


Study on the structure of coordination and performance of multivariate shielding cement, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 21571056).

Study on (Sub) Grain Boundary, Defects, Crystal Orientation and Particle Boundary of C3S by EBSD, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 21071050)

Study on Coordination and Multivariate Shielding Performance of New Radiation Protection Cement, Director of the National Science Foundation (Grant No. 21241007)

Intelligent snow blocking ice pavement system, "863" sub-project of Ministry of Science and Technology (Grant No. 2006AA11Z117)

Key technologies of Radiation-resistant high gelling cement preparation, Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation of key projects (Grant No. 2011CDA009)

Study on C3S Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) in Cement Clinker, Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation (Grant No. 2008CDB271)

Selected Papers:

1、Jian Tian,Baoshan Xia,Jindi Wang,et al. Studies on Geology of the Backfilling Fly Ash and the Foundation Treatments[C].2011 Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture,Shenzhen,China,2011:3183-3188

2、Jian TIAN, Tao WEI and Haijun XU. Extensity of C3S EBSD Database and Its Structure[C]. 2010 2nd International Workshop on Database Technology and Applications ,Wuhan,China,2010:588-561.

3、Tian Jian, Wang Jindi and Wei Tao. Studies of Effect of Surfactants on Properties of Slag Ccement Mortar[C]. 2010 International Conference on Computing, Control &Industrial Engineering, Wuhan, China, 2010: 244-248.

4、Jian Tian, Xiaoyu Zhao, Jindi Wang, et al. Applications of Efficient Energy-saving Cement Grinding Technology and Equipment[C]. 2010 International Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Processes,Shenzhen,China,2010:363-367.

5、Jian Tian, Xiaoyu Zhao, Sanhai Zeng, et al. Application Research of Slag Grinding Technology and Equipment of Efficient Energy-saving. The Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management, 2014, 2: 86-91.

6、Jian TIAN, Yang WANG, Jin HE, Guangyong YUE, Jindi WANG. Gradient-decent Steel Slag Surface Energy Technique of Valuable Metal Segregation[J]. 2013 Beijing International Environmental Technology Symposium, 2013, 10: 218-221.


1. The method of preparing an energy efficient slag powder, Chinese Invention Patent, 201110371572.7, Authorized.

2. A method for efficient recovery of steel slag re-election, Chinese Invention Patent, 201210200634.2, Authorized.

3. A preparation method of mineral phase system of radiation protection clinker, Chinese Invention Patent, 201210200974.5, Authorized.

4. A method of preparing magnetized based surfactants and Applications, Chinese Invention Patent, 201010123663.4, Authorized.

5. A method for efficient recovery process tailings, Chinese Invention Patent, 201110432856.2, Authorized.

Zhu Yanchao

Ph. D., Master supervisor, the main research topics are special cement materials, grouting agent, hydration of sulfoaluminate cement and so on. Teaches the courses of Fundamentals of Materials Engineering, Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Technology and scientific research approach.

Education Background:

Ph. D., Wuhan University of Technology, 2013

MSe, Wuhan University of Technology, 2009

BS, Wuhan University of Technology, 2004


Research on stability mechanism of β-C2S crystal in high belite sulphoaluminate clinker, State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures (Grant No. SYSJJ2017-15).

Research on tunnel inverted arch superfine filling, Science and technology research project (Grant No.2016HX001).

Selected Papers:

1. ZHU Yanchao, MA Baoguo, LI Xiangguo. Ultra High Early Strength Self-compacting Mortar Based on Sulfoaluminate Cement and Silica Fume, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology-Materials Science Edition, 2013, 28(05):973-979.

2. MA Bao-guo,ZHU Yan-chao, HU Di. Influence of calcium formate on sulphoaluminate cement hydration and harden process at early age, Journal of Functional materials, 2013,44(12):1763-1767.


1/2015, Second-class Technological Invention Award, China Building Material Federation, Certificate No. 2014-F-2-01-R03.

Wang Yang

Lecturer, graduate from China University of geosciences(Wuhan).

Research direction: peridotite hydrogen, rectoritote water characteristic, gemology.

Projects: Study of zhongxiang rectorite material by hydration and dehydration for shielding neutron, Hubei natural science fund (Grant No. 2014CBF172)


Hu Tanghui


Mainly engaged in research of scientific research technology industrialization、Cement technology research、Powder technology of Inorganic non-metallic、Solid waste and its resource highly active efficient utilization;


1. Gezhouba Dam branch India Cements Limited Laohekou green ecological industrial solid waste and cement common integration grinding technical transformation project;

2. Quantou group Zaozhuang Jinqiao Xuanyao India Cements Limited with an annual output of 900 thousand tons of industrial waste comprehensive utilization project of Engineering;

3. Technical transformation project of comprehensive utilization of industrial waste residue (integrated) with annual output of 900 thousand tons in Jiamusi;

4. Shengwei Group in Yulin branch 200 Million t/a Grinding station Optimal design of the technique;

5. Guangxi binyang Rio's new building materials co., LTD., with 450000t/a of industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization project;

6. Liaocheng shenxian Great Wall building materials co., LTD. 900,000 tons of industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization project;

7. Guangxi yulin xingcheng building materials co., LTD. Annual production of 100 million tons of active calcium oxide production line;

8. Harbin agricultural reclamation new building materials co., LTD. Jiamusi branch annual 900,000 tons comprehensive utilization of industrial waste residue technical reform project;

9. The 3300t Cement Clinker Production Line Project in Russia;

10. Gansu Hengya 2500TPD cement clinker production line;

11. Mongolia Germes Gakhiur LLC 400 TPD Clicker Cement Produet Line;

12. Khukh Tsav Cement Project state 1500 TPD Clinker Production Plant;

13. Kzuo xing xin445 tons comprehensive utilization of industrial waste residue project;


1. Tian Jian,Hu Tanghui,Hu Rui,Yue Guangyong.Industrial waste residue (nickel alloy slag) recycling and harmless disposal technology,2013 domestic and foreign cement grinding new technology exchange conference and exhibition collection,2013,209-212;

2. Tian Jian,Yue Guangyong,Hu Rui,Hu Tanghui.A grinding of high efficiency green ecological powder grinding key generic integration innovation technology and application,2013 domestic and foreign cement grinding new technology exchange conference and exhibition collection,2013,21-29;

3. Tian Jian,Pan Huangyu,Hu Tanghui,Yue Guangyong.A classifying separator for ultrafine powder selection,In 2014, the 6th national and international cement powder grinding new technology exchange conference proceedings,2014,95-98;

4. Tian Jian,Huang Hongqi,Hu Tanghui,Yue Guangyong.The structure and application of new tube mill grinding machine,In 2014, the 6th national and international cement powder grinding new technology exchange conference proceedings,2014,95-98;