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Prof.Cao Wanqiang Team(CWT)

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Team introduction:

Prof.Cao Wanqiang Team(CWT)hasone professor(Wanqiang Cao), five associate professors(Ruikun Pan, Keyu Zheng, Xiulin Huang, Lei Zhang, Shaolong Huang)andseveralgraduates.

The undergraduate courses give byCWT: materialssciencefoundations,atomic andquantummechanics,thermodynamics andstatisticalphysics,semiconductorphysics,semiconductordevicephysics,magneticmaterials,high-performance concrete andnewtechnologies,materialsfor road andbridge, and MOOCnetworkcourseof mechanicaldrawing, etc.

The graduate coursesgiveby CWT:ferroelectricsphysics.

The main researchfieldsof CWT:ferroelectric theory and structure optimization, ferroelectric ferromagnetic filmsand devices, quantum dotsmaterials,investigationand application of high performance concrete, semiconductor optoelectronic materials and devices, recycling of construction solid wastes, reutilization of silt sludge, functional asphalt and concrete, green building materialsetc.At present, more than 10graduatesarebeing supervisedinCWT.

CWT focuses on the combination of theory and applicationandhas published more than 100 research papersas well as10 patents,completed two National Natural Science Foundationsand more than 20 projectsfrom Hubei ProvinceandWuhan City,gottwo prizesof NationalScience andTechnologyProgress(NSTP)and oneNSTPprize by the Ministry of Education, oneNSTPprize of Guangxi Province, oneNSTPprize of Hubei Province and more than 10 other science and technology awards.

CWTmembers have conducted visiting researchesat Gothenburg University, Michigan State University, Berkeley at the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley State Key Laboratory, Korea Advanced University,Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft-und Raumfahrt(DLR)andUniversity at Buffalo(UB)ofthe State University of New York.The graduatesin CWTarealsoin close contactwith above colleges andinstitutes.


Wan-qiang Cao, Professor,now is at theSchool of Materials Science and Engineering, Hubei University

In 1983, hegraduated from the Physics Department of Huazhong Institute of Technologyand in1997graduated from Department of Physics, Sun Yat-sen University in condensed matter physics direction. In 1997/10,hewas appointed as associate professorandasprofessor in 2003/12.In2005/4,hewas hired as academic leader of Hubei University. From 2006/4 to 2006/10he had beenas a senior visiting scholar to the Department of Physics, University of GothenburginSweden. In 2011/1,hewas appointed by Hubei University as thePiano-GardenIIIProfessor. At present,hemainly has engaged in research on theoretic and experimental studies for ferroelectrics and quantum dots.Semiconductor physicsis the undergraduatecoursehe gives every year. 2006hehosted a key projectfromHubei Province Teaching Office andparticipated in a number of National Natural Science Foundation projects. 2009hewas in charge of a Hubei Provincial Natural Science Fundproject.

Pan Ruikun:born in 1974, is now working at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hubei University.

OnJune2002,hegraduated fromtheSchool ofPhysics and Electronic Technology,Hubei University and gotthemaster's degree in theoretical physics. From 2002 to 2005,he was a lecturerat the School of Physics and Electronic Technology,Hubei University.OnJune2010, in engineintheState Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures(Wuhan University of Technology). Until2005,he has been a teacherattheSchool of Materials Science and Engineering, Hubei University. The main lectureshe gives to undergraduatesare: quantum mechanics, solidstatesphysics, thermodynamics and statistical physics, magnetic materials, analogous circuitandexperiments, etc.

In recent years,his main research field includes:non-oxide glass materials and optical waveguide devices, ferroelectricandferromagnetic thin film materials, quantum dotsforluminescence, ferroelectric and multiferroelectrictunnel junctions, etc.He has published more than 30researchingpapers,in which15were indexed bySCI.

From August2013to October2013, he was avisiting scholar attheInstitute of Materials Physics,Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft-und Raumfahrt(DLR). And during2014-2015, he was a visitingscholar atUniversity at Buffalo(UB)ofthe State University of New York.

Huang xiulin, 34 years old, associate professor, hadengaged in thedeveloping ofhigh performance concrete and solid waste recycling workfor a long time, presidedover the National Natural Science Foundationproject(51302070), the national "973" project (2009CB623201), the national "12th Five-Year"project(2006BAF02A00), the Ministry of construction science and technology program (2015-K1-041) and other national and provincial projects.The research resultswerewidely appliedinurban construction projects in Wuhan and other parts of the country, and solvedvarious technical problems in engineering design and constructioncontrol,resultedin great economic and social benefits. Published more than 20 articles, applied for more than 10 national patents,obtained manyawards for scientific and technological progress in provincial and ministerial level.

Lei Zhang,AssociateProfessor,Schoolof MaterialsScience and Engineering,Hubei University.In 2003,shegraduated from Hubei University with a bachelor's degree in physics. From2003to2008,She was a master and Ph.D. in Physics and Technology from Wuhan University.In 2008,shereceived a doctor's degree in engineering.Since July 2008, She has been working at School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hubei University.

From September 2012 to September 2013,she was a research professor at Quantum Semiconductor Research Center, Dongguk University, Korea;

From September 2016 to September 2017, shewasa visiting scholar at Michigan State University (MSU).

Her research interests include semiconductor optoelectronic materials (ZnO and GaN) and devices, two-dimensional materials and optoelectronic devices.Shehaspublished more than 20 SCI papers,andpresided over or participated in a number of National Natural Science Foundation projects.