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Introduction to the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hubei University

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The School of Materials Science and Engineering was founded in 2006. It now has 5 undergraduate disciplines including polymer materials and engineering, materials chemistry, materials physics, inorganic-nonmetal materials and engineering, new energy materials and devices, as well as three talent training projects including the Hubei Provincial strategy emerging (pillar) industry talent training scheme, Chinese-Foreign cooperative Materials Chemistry specialty and “Jingchu outstanding Engineer”unify training scheme. We have more than 1,800 on campus students, 1,500 of them are undergraduate students, and 300 of them are postgraduate students. In November 2013, the materials science discipline entered the world top 1% of ESI for the first time, and kept moving upward from then on.

There are 93 staff in the school of materials science and engineering, 15 of them are PhD supervisors and 27 of them are professors. Above 90% of our teaching staff has the doctorate degree of philosophy, 70% of the teaching staff had abroad studying or working experience. The school has more than 40 candidates of national and provincial talent schemes including the national 1000 talent scheme, the first and second level of the national “hundred, thousand and ten thousand talent” scheme, the national excellent youth fund scheme, New century excellent talent supporting program of the ministry of education, “100 talent program” of Hubei Province, “Chuntian Scholar program” of Hubei Province.

In recent years, more than 300 projects from various departments have been granted to our staff with a total funding more than 70,000,000RMB. More than 60 projects are sponsored by national level fundings including the national key research and development plan, the 973 plans from the ministry of science and technology, national science and technology supporting program, 863 plan and the national natural science fund. More than 600 peer reviewed journal papers have been published in high impact academic journals such as Nature Materials、Advanced Materials, Prog. Mater. Sci., ACS Nano, 360 of which has been included in the science citation index. More than 50 patents have been approved. Research in the school is application leading. The school has wide collaboration with industry. More than ten college-industry research and development (R&D) centers are based in the school, including the Hubei University–Want Want group (Taiwan) packaging materials R&D center, Wuhan Weierbo energy saving and environmental protecting building materials R&D center. Joint project with industry like Wuhan Rixin Technology, Sinopec Wuhan petroleum chemical company, Wuhan Gehua Group, Yichang Xingfa Group Co. Ltd, Wuhan Fengfan Surface Engineering Co. Ltd. Wuhan Chifeng Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. has produced lucrative economic profit and great social reputation.

The school has been fully-equipped with more than 100 sets of advanced teaching and research facilities such as transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, scanning probe microscope, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, high temperature GPC, dynamic mechanical thermal analyzer, double screw extruder etc., with a total value more than 50,000,000 RMB.

The school has broad collaborations with global universities and institutions like Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), University of Bolton (UK), University of Akron (USA), York University (Canada), University of Giessen (Germany), University of Queensland (Australia) and Dongguk University (Korea) in the area of academic communication and S&T cooperation.

The School of Materials Science and Engineering follows the motto “training talents for truth, polishing stones to jade”, focuses on the coordinated development of culture and regulations. The school is stepping to be a talent training base for materials science innovation, a cradle of managing expert for material engineering and technology, an incubator for industry common key technology of new materials industry, a demonstration area for international collaborative training of new material talents, devoting to the development of domestic and international materials science and engineering.